Friday, January 27, 2012


Phote: Scott Wright
    General Director
 Mobile Opera
The Alabama Tourism Board declared 2011 “The Year of Alabama Music”. In response to this declaration the Mobile Opera, which stays very involved in South Alabama communities, decided to create a recital series entitled “Sounds Like Alabama”, where musicians and singers could showcase their talents.

Scott Wright, General Director, of the Mobile Opera was pivotal in the series creation and continuation. The Sounds Like Alabama series and free public admission was made possible by a grant from The Community Foundation of South Alabama Clyde C. Snyder Fund.

 The series was intended for to run only for 20 11 “but the response has been so positive we decided to keep it going”, reports Wright. Sounds Like Alabama has become a fixture in the Mobile community with monthly recitals of talented singers such as the January 2012 performance by the well-known tenor Jonathan Price. Mr. Price is a resident of Boston and is on the roster of the Boston Lyric Opera as well as a full time teacher at the Boston Conservatory of Music. The recital was well attended and as always totally free to the public.

Sounds Like Alabama, now in its second year, has hosted some of Alabama and the country’s most talented musicians. Mr. Wright advised us that funding has always been a problem in the performing arts community.  “Therefore”, remarked Wright, “the grant makes the series possible and serves to educate the public about the need to support the fine arts community”. Mr. Wright also confided that the series has “been a real community builder and it opens people’s eyes to how much talent we have in Alabama”.

 The Mobile Opera has been a part of the South Alabama community since its inception in 1945 and The Community Foundation is proud to be a partner in the community building efforts of this fine institution. We look forward to the monthly recitals and continue to support and partner with the organizations and people who become threads who weave the fabric of a stronger community.

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